OPENING NIGHT: Fri 2 Aug 6pm – 8pm  | EXHIBITION DATES: 1 - 15 Aug 2024

Darcy Shilton

Naomi Waller

Rose Morgan & Edwina Badgery


Falconeris Marimon


by Darcy Shilton

Splinters and Scars is an exploration of natural systems and how these systems are central to surviving, processing and healing trauma. Nature's relentless push towards balance is portrayed through the sculptural forms of limestone and charred timber. The artworks play with contrast; light, dark, harsh, gentle, organic and geometric to highlight the complexity of trauma and the survival mechanisms it triggers. This exhibition is an invitation to look at the hard things, to examine pain, to celebrate resilience and praise the strength of those who have suffered. It serves as a reminder that there is beauty in the darkness. 





by Naomi Waller

All acts of creation start with an act of destruction. Even the creation of paper first starts with the destruction of a tree. We cannot stop progress, but it's critical to maintain pieces of history so we know who we use to be. 

These lovingly recreated Japanese buildings are mostly known as "signboard architecture". Built in the early 1900's these buildings were the start of a new trend at the time, local crafts people designing new buildings with a fusion of Japanese and Western aesthetics. They are sadly disappearing across Japan as cities grow and need to redevelop to keep up with the community's needs, but the ones that remain still house shops and businesses that you can visit before they disappear.



by  Edwina Badgery and Rose Morgan

I Remember You an exhibition by Edwina Badgery and Rose Morgan, presents a playful exploration of nostalgia and the blurring between reality and dreams. Edwina works with ceramics and painting, embuing remembered objects with vitality and charm. Rose practices across a broad range of mediums, in this show utilising handmade sculptural objects and digital media to shine a light on her internal landscape. The artists whimsical peices bounce off each other and indulge the power of colour and texture to evoke distorted and emotionally charged memories.




by Falconeris Marimón

City Detour showcases an ongoing series of altered discarded road signs collected from Melbourne CBD. The act of finding and reimagining them is central to the artist’s creative process. These objects, with their characteristic yellow reflective surface and original purpose, inspire alternative interpretations.

In the gallery, viewers are invited to rediscover these signs through interaction: by illuminating them with a torch or exploring various angles and perspectives. Originally perceived as mundane and restrictive, road signs are transformed to provoke reflection on our urban environment. Through their metamorphosis into art, viewers encounter these everyday objects in a new, charismatic light, encouraging curiosity and reevaluation of their meanings and messages.