OPENING: Fri 24 July 6 - 9PM | DATES: 23 July - 6 August 2020

Off The Kerb Christmas Show 2019
Covid Life group show


Alexis Winter | Andria Beighton | Aude | Bambi Johnson | Barek | Ben Lopez
Candy Ng | Carlos Cui | Carolyn Lewens | Cathy Yarwood-Mahy | Chris Costa
Conrad Square | Creature Creature | Dylan Senthilan | Emily Wright
Emma Michaelis | Erin Michelle | Freya Jobbins | Glen Downey | HaHa
J Forsyth | Jaz Mishap | Jenny Allnutt | Katie Chancellor | Kirsty Fletcher
Liam Snootle | Lisa Huntley | Liz Gridley | Lobster Juice | Lucy Lucy | Luka Va
Lyndsey Knight | Manda Lane | Marcus Encel | Nani Puspasari | Nash | Chris Kelly
Matthew Schiavello & Christine Georgiou | Nick Ilton | Pat Rogasch | Peatree
Rachel Perrin | Rebecca Pidgeon | Ren Burton | Ryan Pola | Saulius Ginetas Shane Sterry | Tinky | VKM

The Corona virus pandemic has seen the entire world go up in disarray. Even the most powerful countries, and the wealthiest of people were not immune to this virus. The effects are so widespread; it saw deaths in the hundreds of thousands, hospitals cripple, economies collapse, governments defeated, and businesses close down with massive job losses. Resilience has however presented and most noticeably in the arts. During this pandemic, throughout the world, creativity has flourished. Now more than ever, we know the power of art and its immense ability to heal.

This group show titled “COLVID LIFE” presents works of 48 of Melbourne’s finest creatives! Artists have presented work that has helped them face and overcome the challenges of social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.