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David Lee Pereira


Chantelle Key

Mark Poulier



Gonzo journalism, developed by Hunter S Thompson, is a style of journalism that is written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of the story through a first-person narrative. I’ll be borrowing this writing style and adapting it for a visual format that will explain my artworks and process behind creative living.

The discomfort turns inside me constantly reminding the body and brain of its purpose even after the experience. At first the feeling fights for flight as the adrenaline powers through circuits of blood, then the mind frantically tries to make use of the uneasy feeling whilst enjoying the simmering surges of inspiring power.  Slowly the cortisol and serotonin dissolve into the body, and the brain archives the experience to be processed later through dreams and in moments of reflection.

Here in reflection understanding powerful moments in time are what change a person for better or worse, and the artwork answers unknown truths. Constantly living creatively brings about challenge and discomfort allowing room for growth in art. I’ve induced an addiction to being aware of the experience and pushing for change in the moment to gain the reward of revelation; this is then translated into art, during or after the experience.



by David Lee Pereira

I woke up that morning feeling the same way that I had felt when I went to sleep. Detached from myself, a self that had become estranged. I looked upon my face in the mirror, it was worn and tired. I touched the dry skin beneath my eyes, eyes that were red and exhausted. I laid down naked in the bathtub and rested my hands on my chest, I felt my soul aching. There was a growth from within putting force on my body, pushing outwards. I breathed deeply with my mouth open gasping for air.

My skin started to break.


by Chantelle Key

A series of works exploring a sense of contemplation in incidental moments.





Five By Eight And A Half
by Mark Poulier

FIVE BY EIGHT AND A HALF inches is the size of the page I limit my drawings to. Confining myself to a fine pen, one colour and one theme; I explore the beauty, splendour and juxtaposition of both historical and contemporary urban form. 
Architecture is an old love of mine. Always drawn to it, and forever amazed by its history and variety. How perspective and light punches it off the page, and texture gives it strength. I either draw it how I see it or using abstraction, I reinterpret it.  

This collection of torn out pages from current sketchbooks are made while traveling locally and on trips overseas. Drawing and sharing them everyday only pushes me further to discover what else is possible in pen and ink.